Wilderness Survival

Survival Tips

Primitive Survival Skills

When most people go on hikes or hunting trips, they are only thinking of short term expeditions into the […]

Survival Foods

What’s the Best Foods for Outdoor Survival?

The only thing that’s worse than being hungry during a hiking trip, hunting trip, or camping trip is being lost and hungry. If you’re concerned about whether or not you could find enough food were you to become lost in the wilderness, there are a variety of survival foods to consider. Here are a few ways you can keep from going hungry if your stay in the wilderness ends up being longer than you intended. One of the more obvious ways to attain survival foods in the […]

Survival Food For Emergencies

Everyone at some point in their lives wonders what they would eat if they were trapped in the forest or stuck on a dessert island. While you may not necessarily find yourself in these exact situations, having a supply of survival food on hand can’t hurt when it comes to staying prepared. Here are a few ways that survival food packages can benefit you. In some cases, packing survival food is ideal for small emergencies. For example, keeping a small supply of hearty food with a high […]

Learning More About Survival Food Supplies

Hunger is a bigger issue for outdoor survival than many think. Not only does it cloud your thinking, but it also makes you clumsy and slow, which can result in an injury. This is why learning more about survival food supplies is a crucial part of preparing for your outdoor expedition, whether it’s a short, day-long trip or one that will last several days. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for survival food supplies. The type of survival food supplies you pack with you […]